Remodeling And Find A Bees Nest In Your Siding? What You Should Do

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Bees are an important part of our environment. They play a major role in the budding of flowers, trees, and plants, as they pollinate everything in order for it to grow. If you see a bee, you shouldn't kill it, but leave it be. One may be easy to avoid, but if you have been doing some home remodeling and have found a bee's nest behind your siding, you could have thousands of bees, which can be more difficult to avoid. If you have bees behind your siding, you need to take action, but killing them is unnecessary. Read on for what you can do to get rid of the bees in your siding.

Leave Them Alone

You need to stay away from the bees and leave them alone. If you can avoid them, do so. Rope off this area of your home with caution tape to prevent others from getting near them and possibly stung or to keep others from harming the bees. They need to be removed properly, and if you aren't equipped to handle this type of situation, you should leave them until you find someone that can.

Work Around Them At Night

If you cannot avoid the bees, try not to get around them until after dark when they are more than likely less active. Bees sleep or rest just like a human and they aren't nearly as active after dark. They are going to be in their nest unless provoked, so try to work around them at night if you can.

Use Smoke To Calm Them

If the bees are very active, you can keep a bee smoker on hand to smoke the bees and keep them calm. This is a handy tool to have, especially if you have such a large nest. If you need to be near them, protect yourself by using the bee smoker and remaining calm to keep them from being too over-reactive. The smoke will calm the bees without actually doing them any harm.

Call A Pest Control Expert

To have the nest removed, you should hire a pest control expert to have it removed for you. The nest needs to be removed properly and relocated in order for the bees to survive and thrive. The nest will be cut out in sections and the bees will follow. The pest control expert can take the nest somewhere safely away from your home.

If you are in the middle of a home remodeling project and have found that you have bees behind your siding, you should hire a pest control company to have them removed from your home properly. Don't harm the bees, as they serve a very important purpose in our environment.

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