Ants In Your House? 4 Steps To Control The Problem

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You expect a few ants during an outdoor picnic, yet you woke up this morning to find that those little brown and black critters have invaded your kitchen. While discovering a pest problem in your home is always upsetting, the good news is that ant infestations are fairly easy to figure out. As you inspect your home for additional uninvited guests, use these tips to get those ants out of your house.

Check For Food Sources

Ants love those little crumbs that your family drops on the floor, and you may notice a trail of ants leading directly to your trash can or pantry shelves. For this reason, it is best to start by thoroughly cleaning all of your home's surfaces. As you clean, make sure to hit spots such as the back corners of your cabinets or inside drawers where debris has a tendency to accumulate.

Fix Leaks

It is also important to check for water leaks around your home that attract ants. Make sure that you wipe up around your kitchen sink, and check below your cabinets to make sure that a small leak hasn't started that needs to be repaired. While typical house ants just need water for survival, carpenter ants will invade soggy building materials. Therefore, prompt repair of all leaks is critical for protecting your property.

Seal Up Cracks Around Your Home

Any pest that invades your home got in there somehow. One of the biggest problems with ants is that their tiny bodies allow them to enter through crevices that are barely detectable to the naked eye. If there is a trail, follow it to the entry or exit point, and find a way to repair it. Often, resealing a window or door area helps stop ants in their tracks.

Create a Seasonal Pest Control Plan

While you should always do your part to keep ants out by eliminating their food, water and entrance sources, it is also important to arrange for professional ant control. This should involve seasonal inspections along with control methods that eliminate and prevent ant invasions from occurring.

An ant problem can quickly spiral out of control as more invaders target your home for easy food and water sources. By acting quickly to eliminate your infestation, you can enjoy the rest of the season with full confidence that you will not have to deal with another ant in your kitchen again. If the problem isn't going away, reach out to professional companies like Be There Pest Control.