Natural Pest Repellant Ideas For Your Backyard

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Keeping your backyard free from pests throughout the summer months can provide you with an enjoyable space for entertaining or just spending time with the family. If you prefer natural pest control methods, consider these ideas you can put to work in your yard. For pest problems that won't go away even with natural methods, be sure to contact a pest control service.

Insect-Repelling Plants

While insects are attracted to certain plants, there are some plants that pests just don't like. Some herbs can be grown right in your garden to protect your fruits and vegetables, giving you access to fresh ingredients for your meals as an added bonus. Flowering plants provide added beauty for your yard while keeping pests away. Here are just a few plants to consider, along with the pests they repel:

• Basil repels flies and mosquitos

• Lemongrass repels mosquitos

• Fennel repels slugs and snails

• Marigolds repel mosquitos, aphids, and rabbits

• Petunias repel certain types of beetles, worms and aphids

Tree Wraps

Depending on where you live, you may also need to keep small animals away from your yard. Wrapping the bottom portion of tree trunks can help to keep rabbits, mice, deer, and squirrels, among others, away from your trees and yard. Metal wraps make your tree difficult to climb, while cloth wraps prevent chewing and gnawing at the bark. If you aren't sure how to wrap your trees, you can enlist the help of an arborist.

Tree Watering

You can get insects, such as aphids, that call your trees home to leave by using your garden hose early in the morning. Use a powerful hose setting, but not one that is so strong it will damage your leaves, and hose down the branches. Smaller insects might be killed, while larger pests will sometimes fly away to avoid the damaging water flow.

Protective Fencing

Tall fences can create a barrier that keeps unwanted animals out of your yard. Opt for a smooth fencing surface, like wood, that the animals have difficulty climbing, and be sure to sink the fence into the soil to prevent burrowing. You can consult with a pest control expert to determine how deep the fence needs to be to keep animals native to your area away. As an added benefit, this fencing will help to keep pets and children in your yard as well.

If you suspect you have a pest problem in your yard, contact your local pest control service to take care of the problem, and use these ideas to prevent more pesky invaders from taking over your yard this summer. Companies like Emery Exterminating can help.