How You Can Keep An Insect Infestation Away From Your Yard

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Sure, insects are a part of nature. However, this doesn't mean you're overly excited when some of these bugs decide to congregate around your yard. An infestation in your yard is a nuisance for you and your pets. Learn what you can do to keep an outbreak away.

Take Care of Your Lawn

The foundation of a pest-free lawn is a lawn that is properly cared for. During the spring and summer months, if you're regularly waiting until the grass is nearly a foot long to cut it, you're creating the perfect habit for these insects to come inside. The same is true if you aren't racking up leaves that have fallen during the winter. An unkempt lawn provides a safe and secure place for these insects to nest and thrive. 

Use Mulch with Caution

Mulch is an attractive element in any landscape design, and it can also help decrease weed growth; however, you want to ensure you're using it the right way. Ensure you're choosing a mulch that is insect repellent, as some mulch makeups actually attract insects like centipedes, earwigs and pill bugs. It's also best to avoid placing mulch near your foundation, as this can lead to a pest problem inside the home.

Keep the Area Clean

One of the main reasons why insects travel to a specific area is food. If an insect finds a spot that serves as an excellent food source, they are more likely to return and settle in. Make sure you aren't creating this type of environment in your yard. If you're leaving pet food in a bowel, failing to adequately cover your waste containers or storing piles of wood outside, you're providing ample food sources for insects that will attract them and make them less likely to leave.

Avoid Standing Water

Ensure you don't have large amounts of standing water on your lawn. If you do, this is a primary source of attraction for mosquitoes and other bugs, and when it comes to mosquitoes, a large number of these insects in your yard will make it impossible to enjoy your time outdoors. Standing water is often the result of a drainage issue, so make sure you get to the bottom of the problem to eliminate this issue.

These are just some of the steps you can take to minimize an insect infestation. However, for specific tips for your space, it's always best to speak with a pest control specialist, such as from Southern Greens Pest Control.