Did Ants Arrive Before Your House Guests Did? 3 Tips to Get Them Under Control

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The discovery of a pest control problem right before your houseguests arrive is disheartening. After all, you've spent time trying to make sure that everything is perfect, and now you a trail of ants crawling throughout your cooking space. While an ant problem can be tricky to eliminate, you can clear them out of your kitchen fast by using these control strategies.

Reduce the Moisture

Ants tend to come indoors to find a source of either food or water. This is why you may find them crawling around the sink or near a leaky plumbing fixture. Windowsills are another common source of moisture if you tend to have condensation collect on steamy areas of the house such as the kitchen and bathroom. Repair any leaky pipes or appliances. Then, practice humidity control in your house to reduce the potential for ants to find a water source.

Clean Up Potential Food Sources

You may also find that the ant trail leads to a box of spilled food in the pantry or crumbs collecting low on the floor. Fortunately, ants tend to vacate a residence quickly once their food source is gone. As you clean your house before your guests arrive, give special care to any areas where food is stored or prepared. Wipe down the shelves in your pantry with soap and water. Then, make sure that all food is stored in airtight containers. Finally, clean your floors and countertops to ensure that no food residue remains.

Treat the Exterior of Your House

People often focus on the inside of their house when pests invade. While a thorough cleaning does go a long way toward making the house less enticing to ants, you should be aware of the likelihood that you also have an outdoor ant control problem as well. Arrange for a professional ant pest control appointment where a trained technician can check the perimeter of your home and apply treatments as needed. This way, you can prevent ants from returning to your house during your houseguest's stay.

When unwelcome visitors arrive before your expected houseguests, you still have time to get things back to normal. At some point, most households get a few ants, but you must act quickly to stop the infestation from spreading out of control. By using a combination of DIY and professional methods, you can eliminate the infestation and get back to enjoying the time that you will spend with your friends and family.