Mouse In Your House: Steps To Take If You Have Mice

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Mice are hearty pests that can carry diseases and reproduce rapidly, so if you have seen mice in your home, it is important to act quickly to get an infestation under control. Even if you only see one mouse, it is important to note that there are most likely many, many more residing in your house that you don't see. As soon as you know that you have mice, begin taking steps to take control of the problem. The best things to do to deal with mice in your home include the following. 

Don't Let Your Home Serve as a Mouse Buffet

One of the reasons that mice infest homes is because it is often very easy for them to find food. Crumbs on the counter, fruit stored out in the open, pet food left in bowls, open non-perishable items in the pantry, and even trash, are all very attractive food sources for mice. If you have mice in your home, it is important to cut off their food supply immediately. Take the trash out daily, wipe down the counters, sweep your kitchen floors, rinse dishes before putting them in the sink, and keep non-perishable food in airtight containers with lids. 

Take Away the Drinking Stations

In addition to food, mice find their way into houses to seek water, puddles around the kitchen or bathroom sink, dripping faucets, and leaking faucets all create perfect drinking stations for the mice who have taken up residence in your home. After seeing a mouse, take the time to carefully inspect all faucets and pipes, and have them repaired if they are dripping or leaking. Always make sure to dry around the sinks in your home after using them, so you don't leave any water on the countertops for the mice to drink from.

Call in the Professionals

Eliminating food and water is a good start towards controlling a mice infestation, but if you want to completely eradicate the mice living in your house, your best bet is to call a pest control company that is experienced in dealing with mice and mouse removal. Experienced pest control technicians will know how to find the nests where mice are reproducing, catch mice using traps and baits, and use the right rodenticide if it is deemed necessary. You can count on a pest control company to have the right plan to get rid of all the mice and seal access points, so their friends don't come to your house. 

For more information, contact your local residential mouse removal services.