3 Signs That Your Home Is Haunted By Pests - Not Ghosts

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With the approach of Halloween, does it feel like your home has become haunted? Have you been hearing strange sounds and things going bump in the night? As thrilling as it might be to need an exorcist, the mundane reality is that you probably just need an ordinary exterminator to evict various insect or rodent pests that may have taken up habitation within your home. While it's fun to regale your friends and relatives with the stories of your home being haunted, various pests can be even more dangerous than any ghost ever could be because they may be harboring deadly diseases or causing your home to fall apart around you. Some signs that you need to call in a pest control company include the following. 

Clicking/tapping: Among other things, this can be the sign of a serious termite infestation. Termites are surprisingly loud when they eat and the soldier termites will smack their head against the wood as a warning if the nest is disturbed in any way. This disturbance can be as simple as closing a door with a little more force than is strictly necessary or even certain types of loud music. A termite check by a qualified pest control expert will easily reveal a termite infestation if you have one in progress.

Scratching/scraping: As you might already know, your walls, ceilings, and floors aren't solid. There is a gap of a few inches between the surfaces to allow for things like insulation, pipes, and wiring to be installed. This is also plenty of room for rats and mice to move through the structure unseen. They may not even be able to enter your living spaces yet, choosing to go outside via some hidden gap in your exterior wall and using your home as a nest. Since rats and mice can both carry various diseases — such as the hantavirus — it's important to have a pest control professional investigate the scratching/scraping sounds for signs of rodent infestation.

Nondescript noises: If you hear a strange noise every so often but you can't figure out what it was or where it came from, you could have a snake in your home. This is especially likely if you have an under-floor crawlspace or a past issue with rodents. Snakes like warm places to hide and to await the arrival of spring. If this place happens to have a supply of food in the form of rodents, so much the better. While not all snakes are dangerous to people, you should still leave the removal to a pest control expert who will be able to identify the type of snake and remove it or them in a safe manner.