Five Reasons To Use Termite Bait Stations

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When it comes to termite prevention, you have several choices when it comes to the best method to use. One technique to consider is the use of termite bait stations for control and prevention.

1. Less Intrusive

Bait station installation is less intrusive than barrier treatment. A barrier treatment may require drilling holes into patios, sidewalks, and other paved over areas. In some cases, landscaping may need to be removed in order to access the area where the barrier pesticide is going to be laid down. Bait stations are placed at intervals around the perimeter of your home instead of covering the entire perimeter, so there is no need to drill into the paving. Instead, small unobtrusive holes are augered into the ground and the bait is slipped inside.

2. Reduced Pesticide Exposure

A common complaint with barrier treatments is that they release pesticides into the environment. This can be a concern for those with pets, livestock, or children that feed or play in the area. Although barrier pesticides are generally considered safe, bait reduced exposure if this is something that worries you.

3. Effective for Problem Properties

Some properties just aren't conducive to barrier treatments. For example, if you have water sources in the barrier zones, such as a well, water cistern, or retention pond, then installing barrier pesticides can affect water quality or leak into the groundwater. Further, the more water moving through the soil near the home, the more reduced the effectiveness of the barrier becomes. Bait stations can be installed in a manner that works around these existing issues.

4. Proactive Instead of Reactive

Barrier treatments can be proactive, meaning that they prevent infestations before they occur, but often they are installed as a reactive measure to help control a current termite infestation. Bait treatments are almost always proactive since termites take the poison bait back to their colonies. If your home is at risk of a termite infestation, installing bait stations around your property will help you destroy any nearby termite colonies before they even find your house.

5. Ongoing Protection

Finally, investing in a termite bait system means you have ongoing protection. An exterminator will inspect the stations for termite activity every few months, which means you will know if the pests are near your home and can plan in advance methods to prevent an infestation. Further, the stations are renewed annually, so you have ongoing protection from termites from year to year.

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