Find Signs of Rodents During Spring Cleaning? What You Can Do

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Rodents have spent much of winter nesting somewhere warm and more than likely, they have done this in your garage, shed, or even in your home. Rodents need to find warmth during the winter months, much like other pests, and they don't really care that they weren't actually invited to stay with you. If you're doing some of your spring cleaning and find signs of rodents in your home, you need to take action to get rid of these pests and prevent them from coming back. Read on for helpful tips.

Move Your Belongings Carefully

While you're doing your spring cleaning, be sure to move your belongings around carefully. Don't bring anything inside that had been in your garage or shed until you know for sure there aren't any mice inside. The last thing you want is to bring mice inside your home from your garage, especially if they weren't in your home just yet. You'll also want to move boxes and other items carefully to prevent any mice inside from biting or scratching you if they are disturbed. Mice can carry disease and you may require medical treatment if you are bitten or scratched.

Inspect Boxes Thoroughly

Take a good look at your boxes to see if you can find nesting material from rodents inside. Nesting material is usually made up of scraps found and piled up for the rodents to keep warm. They may be scraps of fabric, paper, or string, but they may contain mice inside, so be careful when you do an inspection. If you do find mice in a box, close the box, or put it into a sealed tote to prevent them from escaping, then drive to a field or open area far away from your home and set them free. Simply letting them outside in your backyard won't do you any good, the mice will find their way back to your home.

Set Traps And Bait

If you aren't able to find the actual pests or you don't see any nesting material, you should still set traps around if you've seen other signs of pests such as rodent feces, piles of food, or any other signs. Set traps near these areas to trap and kill these pests. Just because you don't see the mice, doesn't mean they aren't still there. Set the traps using some peanut butter and check the traps daily to see if you've caught anything in them. Dispose of the rodents you do trap and reset the traps.

If you are doing your spring cleaning and finding signs of rodents, don't assume they're going to be leaving soon because it's getting warm outside. They will return to their nest and continue to stay if they are finding food at your home. Set traps and do what you can to get rid of them and prevent them from returning. Talk to a pest control company to learn more about different rodent treatment options.