Termites? 3 To-Do's To Get Rid Of Them And Prevent Them From Returning

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Termites can be a dangerous pest to have around your home. Not because they can do you harm, but because they can be harmful to your home. They can cause such damage to your home that your home can end up not being structurally sound and you could end up with more issues than just a pest problem. These pests can be a bit difficult to get rid of on your own, which is why you may have to hire a pest control company to help you get rid of them. Hiring a pest control company can help to ensure these pests are all gone, not just the ones you could see. Read on for a few things you can do to help prevent the return of these pests and get rid of them.

1. Find The Water Or Moisture Problem

You need to figure out where the moisture is coming into your home or the leak that is causing the wood on your home to soften and rot and make the necessary repairs. If you don't, and you simply replace the wood, you'll end up with another rotten spot on your home, and there's a good chance the termites will return to plague your home further. Find the leak and whatever is causing your moisture issue, and make repairs.

2. Replace The Rotting Wood

You're going to need to replace the rotting wood on your home, no matter how extensive the damage is. If there are termites eating this rotten wood, they won't simply leave because you asked them to. You need to get rid of the soft wood they have been using for food. If you see termites in the wood itself, burn it right away to kill any of the termites still inside. They will create tunnels within the wood and chew their way through it. If there are termites in the piece of wood you are replacing, burn it, so they don't escape and invade your home or someone else's nearby.

3. Spray For Termites

You may still have some lingering termites even after you get rid of the moisture problem and the rotten wood. You need to spray these termites with a pesticide or use diatomaceous earth around their mud tunnels to help kill them as well.

If you have termites, you need to get started right away getting rid of these pests and doing some preventative work to prevent them from returning. Hire a pest control expert to help you with this problem.

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