6 Signs That You Have Squirrels Living In Your Home

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Of all the rodents you might come across outdoors, squirrels are among the cutest. Squirrels are also used to being around humans. This is one of the reasons why squirrel species like red squirrels and grey squirrels don't mind taking up residence in human homes.

Unfortunately, squirrels can cause costly damage. They chew on wiring, leave contaminated droppings, and destroy insulation. So if you think squirrels have invaded your walls or attic, check your home thoroughly. The sooner you confirm you have a squirrel problem, the sooner you can call in a pest professional to remove them.

Check for the following signs of squirrel activity.

1. Constant squirrel activity near your home

Look outside several times a day. If you see squirrels coming and going along power lines, trees, and fences, their nest is nearby. Check to see if the squirrels are going to and from your roof. Attics are very attractive to squirrels because of the warmth attics offer.

2. Distant scurrying and scratching sounds during the day

Many people mistakenly think that squirrels are nocturnal. But squirrels are actually diurnal, like humans. This means they are most active during the day. So if you hear scratching and scurrying sounds within your walls and attic during the day, squirrels may be to blame.

3. Unexplained damage within your home

The front teeth of squirrels never stop growing. This is why squirrels need to chew constantly, to keep their teeth from growing too long. Squirrels also chew up insulation and paper to use as nesting materials. If you see chewed insulation or what looks like chewing damage in other areas of your home, squirrels may be nearby.

4. Strong and unpleasant odors

The urine of squirrels — like that of most animals — gives off a strong odor. If you smell strong urine-like odors coming from the walls, ceiling, or attic, it could be squirrel urine.

5. Piles of tube-shaped droppings

Squirrels usually select a specific spot not far from their nest to take care of their toilet needs. If you come across an area that is strewn with brown, tube-shaped droppings with rounded edges, you may have stumbled upon a squirrel's toilet. The nest will be close by.

If you see some or all of the above signs, squirrels have likely invaded your home in search of shelter. Call a pest removal service that specializes in squirrel removal to ensure your squirrel problem is dealt with in a humane manner. For more information, contact a company like Critterex LLC.