4 Steps For Effective Mice Pest Control

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If you're hearing scratching sounds in the walls at night, you could have mice. You should call a pest control company as soon as you can since mice multiply fast. There are a few reasons you don't want mice around your home. They're destructive and they spread germs that can cause serious illnesses. Here's how a mice pest control service might get rid of your rodent problem. 

1. Place Bait Stations Outdoors

A mice pest control company usually treats the inside and outside of your home to get rid of mice. They may use a bait station outdoors since it's a safe way to kill mice without harming pets or kids. A station locks when it's loaded so it can't be opened by your kids. You place poison blocks in the station or a snap trap.

Your exterminator may not use poison bait unless you have a serious infestation. They'll talk to you about their recommendations so you'll be aware of what's involved in the plan to get rid of your mice. If the exterminator uses a bait trap, they'll probably place several of them around the perimeter of your home so mice can find them easily.

If they put a snap trap in the station, you or the exterminator will need to check it frequently so you can remove the dead mouse and set the trap again.

2. Place Snap Traps Indoors

The mice control exterminator may use snap traps indoors. They can set up several in strategic locations to kill all of the mice so your home is free from pests. They'll set traps in a way that your kids and pets can't bother them. Snap traps are usually placed against walls so the mice can discover them easily and stop to nibble on food.

3. Seal All Entry Holes

Your exterminator may get rid of all the mice indoors and outdoors, but that doesn't mean the mice are gone for good. New mice might show up in a few weeks and be drawn to your home. That's why it's important to seal all the holes around your house. This is a tedious job since mice are so small they can enter tiny holes. However, sealing your home is an essential step in mice control. Sealing also keeps out larger animals and insects, so it's a beneficial treatment.

4. Sanitize The Mice Areas

Since mice carry diseases, you'll want to sanitize the areas where the mice were nesting. Some mice control companies offer this service. If yours doesn't, find a contractor that does cleanup work. They can sanitize your attic or the outside of the house where mice have entered through. This gets rid of germs and it also gets rid of odors so new mice aren't attracted by the old mice scent.