When Does A Situation Call For Residential Pest Control Services?

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Residential pest damage can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage or even destroy a house. Many people try to address pest problems on their own. It is fine to give it a try, but you need to know when to throw in the towel and call a residential pest control services company. Here are four times when the situation calls for professional attention.

Unidentifiable Pests

The key to solving any pest issue is to figure out what's causing the problem. Some pests are hard to spot. They may leave behind unusual droppings, sheds, or shavings. However, you might not be able to diagnose the problem based on the limited evidence. Worse, you could find the remains of the pests and just be at a loss to identify them. If you can't identify the problem, it is time to consult a residential pest control professional.

Available Solutions Aren't Working

Plenty of people every year handle pest control issues in their homes simply by using products from the store. Nearly every homeowner has had to put out ant bait at some point. The same goes for setting up mouse traps.

Some pests defy conventional solutions. There might not be enough ant bait at the store to control the problem if you're fighting against several large colonies, for example. If you've taken an honest swing at the problem, have a contractor visit your place.

Significant Damage

One of the reasons people try to solve pest problems on their own is that the cost-benefit analysis tends to favor testing cheap solutions first. The notable exception to this is if the pests have already caused significant damage.

If you're dealing with termites, for example, you don't want to give the bugs more time to destroy your house. In terms of cost versus benefit, the cost might be hundreds or thousands of dollars while the benefit is preserving the value of your home. Wasting time means risking demolishing the whole place.

Many pest problems fall into this category. Suppose pigeons are overrunning your house's attic. This is a disgusting problem, and it will wreck the house quickly. You don't want to experiment and hope you can solve it. Call a professional to get it under control now.

Inability to Reach the Pests

Pests want to survive. They often hide in difficult locations. You may be unable to reach and treat the affected areas. A residential pest control services firm will have the equipment, supplies, and know-how to treat the problem.

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